AOC Blasts Biden's Border Wall Plan While Blaming the US For Central America's Problems

Brittany M. Hughes | October 6, 2023
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Socialist New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing back on President Joe Biden’s claim that he had no choice but to start construction on a border wall, while - of course - blaming the United States for of Central America’s problems that are causing the migrant crisis in the first place.

“The Biden administration was not required to expand construction of the border wall — and they certainly were not required to waive several environmental laws to expedite the building,” the congresswoman said in a statement following Biden DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ announcement that he was waiving more than two-dozen federal laws to allow for the construction of a border barrier to help stop the flow of illegal aliens in a heavily trafficked section of Texas.

AOC demanded the Biden “take responsibility for this decision and reverse the course.”

In a video posted to social media, AOC called the wall a "terrible idea" and blamed the United States for the whole debacle, while lounging on a couch in her DC residence.

“You could build a great, big Trumpy wall on the U.S. southern border and it’s still not going to fix this problem. and I’m going to tell you why,” she began.

“The US and US foreign policy is contributing to the displacement of millions of people in South America to begin with. And if we do not address the migrant crisis at its root, it is still going to be a problem. And if you have the displacement of millions of people, it is going to destabilize the entire region,” she added.

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“A wall does nothing to stop people fleeing poverty and violence from coming to the United States. Walls only serve to push migrants into more remote areas, increasing their chances of death. It is a cruel policy,” AOC concluded.

See? It’s not socialism that’s to blame. It’s not dictatorships or big government or giant imploding social problems - all things that have decimated Central American nations, but for which AOC continues to push here.

No, no - it’s the U.S.’s refusal to do certain business with or make things easy on oppressive, violent dictators that’s the real problem here.

Meanwhile, millions of illegal aliens continue to stream across the U.S. border unlawfully, overwhelming cities, maxing out shelters, straining our public education system, and wreaking havoc on “sanctuary” cities to the point that some have reversed course in the face of the consequences of their own policies.

Not, of course, that little Miss Westchester understands...or much cares.