British Freelance Journalist Tommy Robinson Released On Bail

Nick Kangadis | August 1, 2018

“Heeeeey, Tommy Tommy! Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Robinson!”

Those were the chants being sung throughout the world after independent journalist and former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was arrested for reporting on an Islamic “grooming gang” outside the Leeds Crown Courthouse on May 25. Robinson was arrested, brought before a judge and sentenced to 13 months in prison, all within a few hours.

People feared for Robinson’s life since he had been targeted in the past for his criticism of Islam. Oh, it probably didn’t help to calm people’s fears any when the judge on Robinson’s case ordered a media blackout on reporting any details of Robinson’s trial and sentencing.

But Tommy Robinson is now free!

According to the Daily Mail:

Today [Wednesday, Aug. 1] the Court of Appeal quashed his conviction saying the decision to jail him within five hours of his arrest 'gave rise to unfairness' and ignored court rules.

A panel of three senior judges also criticised Mr Justice Marson, the judge who sent him to prison, saying he gave 'no clarity' about what parts of Robinson's Facebook Live video were in contempt of court.

He ignored the fact the film was deleted shortly after his arrest and also denied Robinson the chance to defend himself properly by not adjourning the case to another day, the ruling said.

Breitbart reported that part of Robinson’s bail conditions are that he’s not allowed to return to the Leeds Crown Courthouse.

One could make the observation that Robinson was put in prison to stop him from talking about issues that didn’t reflect well on the Islamic community. Was Robinson arrested for practicing journalism? We may never know for sure, but at least the wrong was righted and Robinson is out of jail.

Whether he’s out of harm’s way is another point of conjecture entirely.

Of course, there were “anti-racist” protesters outside the British Court of Appeal where the decision on Robinson’s fate had been determined. No, ill-informed protesters aren’t exclusive to the U.S. There were also Robinson supporters outside the courthouse as well.

Here’s video of the Wednesday protests:


If you would like to see the court’s written judgment of Robinson’s case, click here.

In case you aren’t familiar with Robinson, here’s the video of him being arrested back in May: