Tommy Robinson Arrested for Reporting on 'Grooming Gangs' in Front of British Court

Nick Kangadis | May 25, 2018
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The U.K. has become an authoritarian state. While everyone ridiculously fawns over royal weddings, authorities in Britain are arresting people for shedding light on atrocities that the government doesn’t want people to know about.

Independent journalist and free speech activist Tommy Robinson — who is also the former founder of the English Defence League (EDL), which he left after denouncing the direction of the group — has been arrested in Leeds, England for live reporting on social media about 10 men accused of participating in child grooming gangs in front of the Leeds Crown Court on Friday.

You read that correctly. Robinson was arrested for journalism. So, when the American media complain about their "plight" during the reign of President Trump, they can’t say that they’re being arrested like journalists in countries all over the world.

Grooming gangs are basically groups of men — often Muslim — that target white women and young girls. The females are typically given alcohol and drugs before the “animals” rape and/or sexually abuse them.

Robinson was merely attempting to shed some light on this particular court case, and he was arrested “on suspicion of inciting a breach of the peace” for his troubles.

Here’s video of Robinson being arrested, according to video taken by Caolan Robertson:

Does that seem fair to all of you? What was the man doing that was so awful? The U.K. better shape their act up, or they will be in for a very confrontational and contentious future.