Brad Thor: Conservatives Should be Working in Hollywood Instead of the 'Think Tanks’

Mark Judge | July 9, 2017
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Novelist Brad Thor currently holds the #2 position on the New York Times best-seller list with his latest in the Scott Harvath series, “Use of Force.”  

Main character Harvath is a former Navy SEAL and is called into action to deal with an imminent threat. In the latest book, a high-value terrorism suspect is washed ashore in the Mediterranean, setting off a string of events leading to a potential attack on the United States. 

“The idea for 'Use of Force' came from a raid that was done on a terrorist safe house several years ago,” Thor explains. “A laptop was found there, and when they drilled down into the laptop, they found all of these attack scenarios. The person had already fled. So the intelligence communities went looking for this person for years. I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if he suddenly popped up again?” 

Thor describes himself as a “constitutional conservative” who believes problems are best solved “from the bottom up” and that the government is there “to protect the greatest minority - the individual.”

Thor does extensive research for his novels, once traveling to Afghanistan with a black ops team. “The greatest strength that I draw on are people who are in the intelligence community and the special operations community and law enforcement community—active and retired,” he says. “I can talk to someone who’s a current Navy SEAL or a guy who’s been out of Delta for six months and you’re going to get some great operational experience there, a great read on what the events are. I’m very fortunate to have the network that I do.”

Thor also feels that there should be more conservatives working in Hollywood. He tells MRCTV:

I think if nothing else, not that your ideas have to triumph, but I think we need a nice balance of ideas in the marketplace…it’s not necessarily that Hollywood is against a certain ideology. Hollywood is all about making money. The problem is, we don’t have enough good storytellers on our side, that are out there trying to create art and bring great movies whether they be  documentaries, whether they be feature films that are action films. We don’t have enough people out there. We don't have to beat people over the head with our ideas, but by the same token, we shouldn’t sit back and complain about “liberal Hollywood.” They’re capitalists. They’re business people. I bet you you I could take a rake through the Heritage Foundation, Cato, American Enterprise Institute and find a ton of super talent that we’d be better served by by catapulting them into Hollywood and having them work there as opposed to the think tanks…We can’t not put people in Hollywood and complain that we’re under represented in Hollywood.



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