Blame Canada! Judge Upholds Ruling Jordan Peterson Must Undergo Re-education Program

Nick Kangadis | August 24, 2023
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Let’s just face facts here. Besides the many Canadian people who value freedom but feel stuck in an authoritarian country, Canada straight up sucks these days. The George Orwell novel “1984” was a fictional warning on how despotic and controlled a populace can become when you let the establishment run roughshod on your human rights. It wasn’t supposed to come true, however.

But, Canada’s now basically saying, ‘Hold my beer.’

An Ontario, Canada court upheld a decision by an unelected panel of headshrinkers — otherwise known as “the government-appointed College of Psychologists of Ontario — that clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson must undergo “social media sensitivity training.”

Basically, Peterson must be re-educated to fit the far-left, fascist ideology of the “psychologists” who deem him controversial.

The CBC, which is Canada’s government-run media, reported that Judge Paul Schabas said the following of Peterson:

"Dr. Peterson sees himself functioning as a clinical psychologist 'in the broad public space' where he claims to be helping 'millions of people,"' Schabas wrote.

"Peterson cannot have it both ways: he cannot speak as a member of a regulated profession without taking responsibility for the risk of harm that flows from him speaking in that trusted capacity."

Sure, because Schabas totally doesn’t sound like he has an axe to grind with Peterson. (That’s sarcasm for those playing the home game.)

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Peterson released a video on X Thursday, going over the decision and saying that he will have an official response to be released on Friday.

“The court ruled today in favor of the college,” Peterson said. “They claim that I have the right to free speech in Canada, but subject to, apparently, whatever limitations the college wants to place on me, and by implication, every other professional in Canada. And by implication, every other citizen of Canada.”

This is what happens when you have a “nepo baby,” who never knew struggle in his privileged life, as your leader.

The judge can say that Peterson has a right to free speech, but when you place a caveat on that statement, it negates the statement altogether.

Shame on you, Canada.


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