Biological Male Blames 'Transphobia' After Getting Kicked Out of a Sorority

Emma Campbell | June 29, 2023
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A biological male who identifies as non-binary is blaming "transphobia" after being kicked out of a sorority.

Fabian “Fa” Guzmán was a member of the Chi Omega sorority chapter at St. Lawrence University in New York State until he received an email on June 2 saying that his membership was being revoked. The national chapter of Chi Omega had been investigating his membership and determined that it violated their criteria for members, as Guzmán was assigned male at birth and does not identify exclusively as female.

“The selection criteria in the policy on membership includes ‘females and individuals identifying as women,’ which, by the chapter’s own understanding and your indication throughout the process, it is clear you did not meet the criteria at the time of your joining,” the email, which was obtained by The 19th, said.

Guzmán soon took to social media to broadcast the issue and posted a nearly six-minute video to TikTok explaining his reaction to the news.

“I went into mental distress, I actually missed my graduation because I was not feeling mentally stable to just stay,” he said in the video. Later on, he continued: “My heart, it’s broken. It’s really broken.”

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Guzmán reportedly rushed in the fall of 2022 after checking with the school and its sororities to make sure he was allowed. He was expected to be the recruitment chair for the chapter next year. Guzmán told The 19th that he felt Chi Omega’s statement was “transphobic” and reinforced “dangerous stereotypes” of what a sorority girl should be.

“I can just see how there’s a reinforcement of the stereotypical style of how and who a sorority girl should be and how she should look like,” Guzmán said in the video. “Who’s saying that a sorority girl has to use she/her pronouns? Like we have non-binary members that can use she/they, they/them, and I was one of them and I feel extremely betrayed by my own sisters.”

According to a statement given to The 19th, the Chi Omega sorority “is committed to providing opportunities for friendship, personal growth, and development amongst women from a variety of backgrounds who live and reflect the values of Chi Omega.”

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