Big Brother Now Watching Ohio Restaurants – Undercover – To Enforce Social Distancing

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 28, 2020

Many politicians appear to be blind to their own embrasure of coercion in this time of COVID19 Crackdowns.

Case in point, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R), whose undercover “Ohio Investigative Unit” will be scurrying around the Buckeye state to spy on, and potentially bust, private restaurant owners who reopen without conforming to DeWine’s commands about how to reopen.

As Sean McDonnell writes for the Akron Beacon Journal:

Gov. Mike DeWine announced May 18 that members would be added to the investigative unit to check for compliance at bars and restaurants.

 Indeed. Ohio taxpayers will see more of their cash showered on government agents sent forth to impede their voluntary interactions, fine them, and possibly shut them down.

'We just don’t know the compliance rate out there,' Ohio Investigative Unit Enforcement Commander Eric Wolf said. 'We certainly expect that a vast majority of the places we visit will be in compliance and do what they have to do.'

What was it that Thomas Jefferson said in the Declaration of Independence?

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.

It couldn't happen today. Not a chance.

Wolf said the undercover agents don’t have a set checklist, but they will look for things such as groups larger than 10, patrons congregating in open areas or around the bar or people using pool tables and video games -- all things still not allowed under the state health order.



As seems increasingly necessary in COVID USA, it is important to remind these bureaucrats and politicians of the definition of economic fascism, which is the nominal – in name only – ownership of private business under the command of government forces.

There is no indication as to whether these “plainclothes” agents must wear brown.

And there is no acknowledgment that licensing statutes infringe on the right to peacefully use private property, restrict competition, infringe on voluntary association, don’t protect people the way market gains and losses incentivize protection, and create feedback loops that often lead to special favors and corruption.

As Antony Sammeroff notes for The Mises Institute:

Stanley Gross of Indiana State University, had to concur, ‘…mainly the research refutes the claim that licensing protects the public.’

But have no fear. Governor DeWine, the Wizard of Ohio, suggests you don’t look behind the curtain.

Just keep paying – in money and rights.

And pay no attention to the reality that virtually every government edict about COVID19 response – from lockdowns to policed “social distancing” -- has been not only constitutionally questionable, but scientifically unfounded, and many have been hypocritically enforced.

Just listen to the politicians and bureaucrats as they eat away your substance.