Biden's Lack Of Knowledge On Guns Is Quite 'Disarming'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 20, 2023
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Joe Biden long ago proved to be the wellspring of an endless stream of downright bizarre statements.

But his June 16 appearance at the tax-subsidized University of Hartford (CT) “Safer Communities Summit” to propagandize in favor of his Constitution-insulting, rights-crushing so-called “ban” on pistol-stabilizing braces -- conducted through his Executive Order and his Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) – might be his most absurd of the year.

Exhibiting a facility for falsehood so towering, he appears completely unfazed when telling absolute whoppers, Biden seemed compelled to attack House Republicans who last week passed a resolution to stop the ATF from enforcing his “pistol brace ban” -- a resolution that needs a similar Senate victory, and which Biden has pledged to veto.

In this case, “Shotgun Joe” attacked rights and truth by claiming his brace “ban” made it harder to get the device, and that if those eeeevil people who own pistol braces use them, well…

“Put a pistol on a brace, it turns into a gun, makes it more, you can have a higher-caliber weapon, higher-caliber bullet coming out of that gun."

Remember, everyone can rely on Joe’s veracity and judgment. Whether it be his plagiarism of British politician Neil Kinnock back in 1987, or his reckless 2013 “hip-to-guns” bluster that people just shoot shotgun blasts through their front door to keep out unwanted strangers, we all know how truthful and wise ol’ Gripper-Gramps Joe can be.

The absurdity of his dumb statement would be laughable if Biden weren’t continuing his nearly life-long attack on the right to keep and bear arms, in this case, adding to his anti-constitutional gun-grab mindset the idea that he – or even Congress – somehow can “ban” the sale or purchase of a pistol brace. As Awr Hawkins writes for Breitbart:

“A stabilizer brace is simply a piece of plastic that can be attached to the rear of the gun to help stabilize the pistol when target shooting. The braces were first developed to help wounded combat vets steady a pistol, so they could continue to enjoy shooting sports despite their battlefield injuries.”

Good thing Joe is so “up” on firearms.

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In fact, he’s so on the ball that in the same appearance, he offered more highly dubious history about guns and his own experiences, stating that prior to (unconstitutional) federally mandated “background checks” of “legal” gun-buyers, cities like New York and Philadelphia (which he also he said, he “knows well”) saw:

“…a truck pull up, pull to the curb, and selling weapons, selling guns, selling AR-15s, selling weapons…”

And, of course, he implied that the “background check” stopped those wicked “ice cream truck” sales of AR-15s out there on the streets.

This, like virtually everything he has said about firearms (among many topics) is not true.

Whether it be the background check, or the so-called 1994 “Assault Weapons Ban” that applied to certain kinds of guns and their attachments that the politicians arbitrarily called “assault weapons,” the pieces of federal paper and the bureaucratic orders tossed at gun shop owners and customers are dismissed by people who have criminal intent. As Annie Oakley writes for Not The Bee:

“Joe Biden has actually not passed any laws that would make it harder for a criminal to get a gun. The 1994 bill pushed by Dems like Biden and Chuck Schumer (these people have been in power FOREVER) that banned aSsAuLt wEaPoNs didn't actually keep the bad guys from ignoring one more law, even if they say it stopped 3 million guns from being sold (criminals don't tend to give up if they fail to procure weapons once or twice). Even outlets like The Seattle Times and WaPo have to admit that the bans did little in terms of stopping actual numbers of gun deaths.”

And the practical effect of making people wait to get guns, so that they can go through a background check, as mandated by the taxing-gun-pointing politicians in DC, is to make vulnerable, law-abiding, people even more vulnerable. The “waiting period” for her permit saw New Jersey resident Carol Browne defenseless when her ex-boyfriend attacked and killed her in 2015 (this, despite the all-powerful “restraining order” the government issued against him coming into contact with her).

The practicality of firearms also repeatedly has been spelled out by researcher John Lott, who has published reams of books and online articles, backed by real data, to show the strong correlation between higher private gun ownership and lower violent crime rates.

Then, of course, there is the sinister history of so-called “gun control,” be it enacted in Germany, German-occupied France, Soviet Russia, Armenia, or sundry other nations.

Combined with those terrible practical outcomes, the anti-constitutional nature of Biden’s gun-grabbing goon squad, and the immoral nature of their aggression against peaceful people all stand like giant absurdist insults to us, the poor subjects they keep trying to disarm.

And there’s one more absurd item to note in Biden’s recent appearance at tax-subsidized University of Hartford. As he concluded his speech, he wandered into:

“God save the Queen.”


Did he mean his wife? Perhaps that was the case. After all, he certainly seems to view himself and his political class as royalty, with the power to toy with our rights and the license to lie with absolute impunity.

But he can’t change the truth. The key lesson in all this absurdist rhetoric is that we have the inherent right to self-defense. The Constitution supposedly tells Biden to keep his hands – and his dumb rhetorical subterfuge – away from us.

It would be nice if he acknowledge that truth, but one ought not hold his or her breath.


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