Biden's 5 BIG LIES

Eric Scheiner | April 14, 2021

When it comes to telling whoppers, Joe Biden is on quite the roll as of late. 

To assist his efforts to grow federal government and increase taxes he lays the deceit on quite thick.

LIE#1  - Biden recently has claimed the surge of migrants at the border is just typical.  Actual border numbers prove it’s anything but normal as the problem reaches record levels.

LIE#2 - Biden claims the recent voting security laws passed in Georgia prevent voters who work until 5PM from having the opportunity to cast ballots. Except that it doesn’t.

LIE#3 - Biden has called Georgia voting laws “Jim Crow on steroids.” This is just sick. Any analysis shows the two are nothing alike.

LIE#4 - Recently Biden has claimed that background checks are not performed at gun shows. Except for the fact that federally licensed gun dealers are required by law to perform them and they do. I guess nobody told him.

LIE#5 – Biden claims independent analysts show his “infrastructure” proposal would create over 19 million jobs.  There is no such analysis. Moody’s says it might create 2.7 million jobs – at a cost of $2.25 trillion.

It doesn’t matter how you add up these 5 big lies – the equation is quite costly for America.