Biden To Use US Tax Dollars to Subsidize Foreign Journalists' Court Costs

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 12, 2021

Remember that guy named Joe Biden who was vice president in an administration that tried to use the constitutionally dubious Espionage Act against more journalists than all presidents combined since the unctuous statute was passed during World War One?

Remember that guy, named Joe Biden, who was vice president in an administration that levered the Internal Revenue “Service” as an evident political weapon to target conservative journalism?

And remember that guy – named JOE BIDEN – who was vice president in late 2016 when President Obama signed the fascist funding of state-favored “news outlets” (which expired under Trump, but has been resurrected this year) called the “Portman-Murphy Countering Foreign Propaganda Act” – a statute that literally let the feds create a fund-dispensing office in the Pentagon to hand millions to “news agencies” the government liked?

Well, now, that “guy” and his posse of tax-fed plutocrats – those fascists who so admire independent journalism -- are ready to take the next step.

Shaun Tandon “reports” for Yahoo and AFP that the Biden administration is paving the way to literally SUBSIDIZE journalists overseas.

It’s an objectionable idea, its details are “unavailable,” and Mr. Tandon’s report on it is less than journalistically admirable, to say the least.

He opens:

The United States will offer funding to help journalists overseas survive frivolous lawsuits meant to silence them, as part of a campaign to support democracy, USAID chief Samantha Power announced Thursday.

This new “great leap forward” in politically incestuous government-journalist “partnerships” (usually understood as fascist state erosion of journalistic integrity) is called the “Global Defamation Defense Fund.”

Some might wonder why the feds are getting involved in “defending” reporters, and some also might wonder if this would better be titled the “Global Defamation Slush Fund.”

But Power appears very excited about it, and she popped up at the world-ocracy loving Georgetown University to lay down the Biden line:

’We will offer the coverage to survive defamation claims or deter autocrats and oligarchs from trying to sue them out of business in the first place,’ she said at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.

Yes. Gotta help fight those “oligarchs,” right?

Given the Biden record, that’s not only a dubious prospect, the very fact that Ms. Power can talk about this kind of program shows Americans that the Biden administration itself is, again, engaging in aspects of autocracy. But Tandon, in this Yahoo/AFP “report” trots right beside Power as she rides the big people bike of propaganda, applauding her, all the way, offering, first:

Democracies need to set rules ‘as autocrats grow savvier in their attempts to control and manipulate people,’ she said. ‘We need to help support a free and fair global press to hold leaders to account.’

Of course, offering state-backed funding to journalists reporting on news that could involve the regime – that’s not a method to control or manipulate people.

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The extraction of wealth from Americans to pay for it is totally kosher, too, and isn’t a form of aggression, at all.

But Tandon keeps running and applauding the Bidenista plan to subsidize journalists, writing:

In a first effort, she announced an initiative to direct $300 million over the next five years to organizations in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras -- key nations for the Biden administration as it seeks to reduce the causes of migration.

Yeah. Totally kosher.

Surprisingly, more details on this state-influenced “journalism” are not forthcoming from Power, but Tandon appears very enthusiastic, especially since, in his piece, he selectively frames American history in a way to, of course, overlook Biden’s history and focus on…

Guess who?

Biden plans next month to hold a summit to back democracy, seeking to show a sharp change from his predecessor Donald Trump who embraced autocratic leaders, denounced the role of independent media and inspired a mob that attacked the US Capitol on January 6 in hopes of undoing Biden's victory.

Yes. He wrote all that. That was not attributed to Biden, or Power. That was written by Tandon.

A “journalist.”

Obviously, Mr. Tandon is not one of the actual journalists who were threatened by the Obama-Biden administration through use of the “Espionage Act.” But, what would one expect from the regime that helped re-install the Portman-Murphy “Anti-Propaganda” act – which will provide over $150 million to DOMESTIC journalists that the Biden autocrats want to subsidize?

All while Biden and others on the left try to paint true journalists as purveyors of “fake news” and as Big Tech censors and puts us (literally, my own work, published by NewsBusters, and MRCTV) on things like the Google Blacklist to suppress search results that might let folks know about their work.

The offenses are titanic.

And, like the ship given that name, the Bidenistas and their friends commit them in order to sink REAL journalism.

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(Cover Photo: Roger H. Goun)