Beleaguered Budweiser Relentlessly Mocked For New 'Manly' Can Design

Brittany M. Hughes | August 17, 2023
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Budweiser is turning heads again - this time, for the company’s hilarious attempt to appeal to the same blue-collar Americans they insulted when they partnered with a trans “woman” to sell beer.

Following a total flop at a recent motorcycle rally, where video from the event shows piles of Bud Light going un-purchased by customers amid a boycott by loyalists still disgusted by the whole Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, Anhueser-Busch took to social media to tout its new “camo cans," new packaging for its Budweiser brand meant to appeal to US military members and anyone who supports the troops.

Suffice it to say, it didn’t appeal much to…well, anybody.

“New can, same support for our nation's veterans. Our camo cans are now available nationwide," the company wrote in a caption alongside a photo of the red can.

The statement isn’t without at least some merit - Budweiser has supported Folds of Honor, a group that gives scholarships to families of fallen and wounded service members and first responders, for the past 13 years. The company’s support of veterans and Gold Star families is also publicly touted throughout its theme parks and in its merchandise.

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Even still, the new design didn’t go over so well with social media users, who were quick to point out the company’s attempt to roll out a more “manly” can just months after partnering with a trans TikToker and biological male who gained internet fame for dressing like a little girl.

Meanwhile, Bud Light sales are still down 26 percent as the company struggles to recover from the May disaster, even after rolling out a slew of Americana-themed ads, firing the marketing execs behind the Mulvaney partnership, and offering a less-than-full-throated apology to its disgruntled consumer base.

Looks like peddling a camo can to a bunch of vets isn’t going to fix the damage.

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