Baltimore Schools Will Now Advance Failing Students To 'Avoid Punitive Approach'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 2, 2021
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There’s a term well known to those who critically examine political institutions: "Failing upward." 

And it certainly applies to public schools in general, which generally do a poor job teaching kids anything useful, churn out thousands of teens who are incapable of reading things like the U.S. Constitution and who can’t handle simple math, yet, despite the poor outcomes, consistently get more money pilfered from people through taxation.

Now, the Baltimore City Public Schools administration is openly dumping the policy of holding kids back if they fail a grade. In fact, apt for a word-warped world where people call genetically male humans “women” and vice-versa, the word “failure” doesn’t appear to be part of the Baltimore City Public Schools lexicon.

Writes Kyle Olsen, for Breitbart:

Under the new policy, a failing grade in high school will be swapped out for ‘No Credit,’ while second through eighth graders who receive an ‘Unsatisfactory’ or ‘Fail’ will instead be awarded a ‘Not Completed’ mark.

Students will move on to the next grade, despite earning a grade formerly known as failing.

Because nothing says, “dealing with reality” more than denying the reality that people can FAIL.

Now, just like government employees, failing kids can move on to the next level.

The move is ‘in recognition of the struggles students have faced’ during the year affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

‘This is not about a failure, but it is about unfinished learning and giving multiple opportunities, multiple onramps for young people to complete that … learning,’ Baltimore City Public Schools CEO Sonja Santelises told the network.

To complete that learning? How can a student “complete that learning” if he or she is not asked to complete it and is, instead, moved on without completing it and showing proficiency?

As if this twaddle weren’t enough from the tax-devouring Baltimore school soviet, Olsen noted this:

Chief Academic Officer Joan Dabrowski added it is meant to ‘avoid the punitive approach of failing students.’

God forbid that life punish people who fail.

And what about city residents who would prefer not to have their taxes contribute to this great school swindle? They’ll be punished, you can bet on that.

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As far back as 1973, authors such as Dr. Sam Blumenfeld were reporting on the abysmal state of government schools, schools that consistently graduated illiterate and innumerate subjects of their propaganda and psychopharmacological experimentation at taxpayer expense. Yet, despite TRILLIONS of dollars showered on local, state, and federal levels since Jimmy Carter started the federal Department of Education, and despite even a massaging of the SAT scoring system in the mid-1990s to make things appear better, the government schools have not improved. 

Baltimore is a perfect example. Notes Olsen:

According to Public School Review, the Baltimore City Public Schools district had a 72 percent graduation rate, while 18 percent of students are proficient in math and just 17 percent are proficient in reading.

In 2019, 13 percent of fourth-graders were at or above proficient in reading, while 15 percent met standards in math.

But, that’s okay, since the government will get people’s money whether they’re satisfied or not.

In 2017, zero students scored proficient in math at 13 of the city’s high schools, Fox 45 reported. At six schools, one percent tested proficient.

Money did not appear to be an issue. During the 2019-2020 school year, the Baltimore district received a combined $19,063 per student and spent $18,784 per student, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Failing upward. It’s never a “failure” on the part of the political entity. It’s a “failure of funds” or a “failure of resources.” And now, they use the excuse of COVID-19 lockdowns, also imposed by government, to facilitate more abject altering of reality.

The failure is paradigmatic. It’s source lies in the fact that payment for the system is compulsory. 

Market-based systems do not operate this way. That moral prerogative ought to be enough to let people see the evil of government schools.

Baltimore is just adding more evidence of the disastrous outcomes.

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