Audiences Reject Woke Television: Many Leftist Shows Cancelled in 2022

Elise Ehrhard | February 25, 2022

It turns out Americans don't want to watch woke television. The new year has brought a flood of series cancellation announcements. Many of the worst woke shows of 2021 have been cut for 2022 due to low ratings and audience rejection.  

Below, from cable to streaming, are leftist, agenda-driven shows from the past year getting the ax in 2022 due to audience rejection.

1. Audiences continue to reject LGBTQUIA-centered series.

Hollywood desperately wishes most humans rejected "heteronormativity," and they regularly pump out shows centered on LGBTQUIA narratives. Naturally, most of those shows fail because the majority of television audiences find current Gay Inc. obsessions alienating. 

Last month, for example, Showtime announced the cancellation of Work in Progress, a self-described show about “a 45-year-old self-identified fat, queer dyke.” Remarkably, that description did not entice viewers.

Then last week, FX officially cancelled Y: The Last Man after only one season. The dystopian show about an apocalypse that kills all biological men, but leaves trannies, had ridiculous lines like, "We've found plenty of men. None with a Y chromosome."

Cable and streaming services had already introduced and then pulled multiple off-season LGBTQUIA-centered shows last fall due to lack of viewer interest. Shows included Freeform's Everything Gonna Be Okaywhich had a wedding of two "aromantic homosexuals" (a newly invented "sexual identity" that really just describes best friends) and Lena Dunham's awful Generation on HBO Max. Generation's sick dialogue included a child asking two gay men if they were going to "touch penises."

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2. Anti-White Show Receives Low Ratings

Besides LGBT, Hollywood also likes to push Critical Race Theory (CRT).  In 2021, HBO Max released a "re-imagining" of In Treatment. The original In Treatmentstarring Gabriel Byrne, was about a psychiatrist who treats patients while struggling with his own personal issues. 

All the reboot writers did was re-imagine the old show with vicious anti-white hatred instead. The revival used new therapy sessions to rant about white people

The new therapist, played by actress Uzo Aduba, expressed her most extreme vitriol for white men in particular, calling them "Fu**in' white guys!" The show's audience score on Rotten Tomatoes was a meager 38% and it's not getting a second season.

3. Audiences Reject Anti-Christian Attacks

A number of anti-Christian shows officially announced cancellations this month. The worst of these was Showtime's nasty Black Monday. Episodes included a character throwing a drink at a crucifix and yelling, "F**k you God!" and turned the Last Supper into a homoerotic make-out scene. Of course, the show also pushed BLM lies and routinely attacked conservatives as "bigots." Good riddance to this unwatchable mess.

Peacock's adaptation of author Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol also turned off viewers. It attacked the Bible as a "bizarre book" with "outdated beliefs" and "outright absurdities." It turns out the public is finally tiring of Dan Brown's bigotry and hate. The first season of The Lost Symbol was a ratings bust and isn't being renewed.

Other woke shows covered by Newsbusters in 2021 that have been canned for 2022 include Netflix's Gentefiedwhich praised illegal immigration, and the Disney+ show Diary of a Future Presidentwhich used tweens to push radical feminism and attack "heteronormative rituals." 

After Gentefied's cancellation, ABC News complained that "this keeps happening to Latino-led shows." Maybe it wouldn't happen if Hollywood stopped treating Hispanics like left-wing political pawns and instead green-lighted scripts that reflected their ideological diversity.

Audiences want stories that feel real, not agenda-driven. They will keep rejecting woke garbage no matter how much of it Hollywood produces. In the meanwhile, they are seeking out entertainment alternatives, whether it's the rare conservative show or crowd-funded favorites like Angel Studios' The Chosen. Left-wing studios may continue to reject good storytelling, but Americans are not watching.