Showtime's Vile 'Everything's Gonna Be All White' Demonizes Whites

Elise Ehrhard | February 16, 2022
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Showtime's new documentary series, Everything's Gonna Be All White, is a vile orgy of hate against white Americans. The near constant barrage of anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-American bigotry in the first episode is almost impossible to chronicle in one article. 

The premiere episode, 'White Lies Matter,' on Friday, February 11, begins with footage of the Capitol riot on January 6.

"This is a tale of two Americas," the narrator says. "One white. One not. And of countless dreams too long deferred. We're going to be taking a hard look at white America from the perspective of people of color-- many different people of color. And there's no better place to begin...than January 6, 2021."

Needless to say, the episode never shows images of Black Lives Matter (BLM) or Antifa burning down cities in the summer of 2020. Those acts of terror have been permanently memory-holed by the left.

The "perspective of people of color" shown throughout the episode is from Marxist thinkers like Ibram X. Kendi. Kendi is interviewed seated in front of an altar in a church. This makes sense since his ideology has become a kind of religion to the left.

To attack whites, the documentary butchers American history and drips with an endless assault of nasty comments about the United States, Christianity, and evil white people. 

"White folks throw hissy fits every time they're feeling fragile. And these days, they're feeling fragile as shit," the narrator says in the first five minutes of the episode.

Chronicling the sheer amount of hatred in this "documentary" would be a Herculean task, but here is a sampling of some of the lowlights from 'White Lies Matter':

A commentator named Norberto Briceno, Director of Social Media for Voto Latino, tells the audience that he believes the American flag itself is a symbol of white supremacy.


A professor of religion at Rice University, Dr. Anthony B. Pinn, attacks the Bible as the source of white supremacy. His commentary is interspersed with scenes of a fictional white character named Mad Chad (Michael Kaves) obsessing over how Jesus must be white.


If you are sensing some anti-semitism in Prof. Pinn's description, you can rest assured that anti-Semites are well-represented in this show, from Linda Sarsour to Tamika Mallory. (Both Mallory and Sarsour were kicked out of their roles as co-chairs of the Women's March due to their anti-semitism.)

At one point in the episode, Mallory mentions January 6th and rants about the "craziness" of white people. She angrily expresses frustration that no white people were hurt by police at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. (In reality, a police officer killed a white woman named Ashli Babbitt.)


Erika Hart, a "sexuality educator," holds particular hatred for white women. During a discourse on "Karens," she says, "Those are also the people that call the police on black people. Right, those are also the people who date black people to absolve themselves of their racism."


So, a white person only dates a black person to absolve themselves of their supposed racism? Wow. 

There is so much anti-white vitriol throughout this disturbing premier episode that it is only possible to scratch the surface. The documentary takes pride in hating white people for the color of their skin. Even the trailer for the series highlighted commentators describing all the reasons they detest white Americans. 

People filled with this level of raw hate against human beings based on their skin color do not need their own documentary. They need therapy.

The current audience score on Rotten Tomatoes for this hatefest is two percent. It should be zero. The series is reprehensible. Everyone involved in making it should be ashamed of themselves.