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Nationwide Protests Planned; Flyer Promotes Violence Against CBP


(UPDATE: While various antifa-sympathetic groups have promoted this event, there is not enough evidence to say antifa is “planning” or involved. The language and headline of this article have been corrected since its original publication.)

In the past week, President Trump said that he was seriously considering to designate the violent group, ANTIFA, as a major Organization of Terror. 

Now the Daily Caller reports that other groups are taking leftist action as well, planning for multiple protests across the country on a 10-day tour. Cities like Oakland, Portland, and Chicago will see thugs descend on their cities. The event posted to Facebook said that the goal of the organizations is "how folks can plug into work that is actually working towards dismantling concentration camps and US-funded genocide." 

The digital flyers spread by activist groups such as Contra Viento y Marea, Food Not Walls and Hecate Society show clear imagery of individuals setting fire to a Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) vehicle. It also shows a blown up border wall in addition to a tower with an American flag both on fire. 

The Border Resistance website claims:

Local and national organizers are working together to build 10 days of trainings and direct actions for the Border Resistance Convergence in El Paso, TX – September 1-10th. We are calling on affinity groups everywhere to come together and help us address US-funded genocide and local concentration camps.

These protests also show another example of Big Tech bias. While conservative activists and organizations are banned from services like PayPal and Venmo, this open-border, violent activist groups are allowed to operate on these payment platforms. Both the flyer and Facebook pages post links to various Paypal and Venmo accounts that will help fund the protests.  

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