The Amish React: Bruce Jenner's Transition is 'Ridiculous'

Ben Graham | June 8, 2015
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The O'Reilly Factor featured a segment on Monday night that involved questioning a group of rural folks from Lancaster County, Penn. about the newly transitioned Bruce Jenner.

In what appears to be a flea market in the middle of Amish country, Fox Nation's Jesse Watters held up the infamous Vanity Fair cover and asked locals, "Do you know who this is?"

Most of the people in this clip have no idea who "Caitlyn" is. Some think that his new body belongs to a movie star or a model. Some of them even find his form attractive, but the revelation of the truth makes them all take a step back. 

Watters revealed that Bruce is indeed a man and some of the locals had trouble processing it.

"That sure don't look like it," one man said.

Watters then asked them what they think about it, a man trying to become a woman. Some said that it was his right to be happy and that they wouldn't judge so long as they could lead their own lives. Others said it was "ridiculous" and "not in God's plan."

One man just wanted to remember Jenner as the man he was known for: an Olympic athlete.

See the full segment below.