6 People Murdered, 38 Injured in Chicago Weekend Shootings

Nick Kangadis | July 23, 2018
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Will the Left ever care? Will the Left ever actually pay attention to areas where the bulk of firearm crimes occur?

The answer is no, because apparently black-on-black crime doesn’t feed their narrative of race-based shootings.

While Chicago has seen a downtick in shootings in 2018 from the previous two years, the city saw almost four dozen people shot over this past weekend alone. Six people were murdered and another 38 were injured in shootings across the Chicagoland area. If the number of homicides that happened over the weekend stays at six, it will make 282 homicides in Chicago this year alone.

Here’s an example of the violence, according to the Chicago Tribune:

The violence reached its height Saturday night when seven people were shot in a single attack in the 3100 block of West Fulton Street in the West Side’s East Garfield Park neighborhood.

Tavish Harris, 30, of the 1200 block of South Harlem Avenue in Berwyn, died at Stroger Hospital of a gunshot wound to the head. Six other men were wounded, four of them seriously.

Sure, the amount of shootings has dropped in 2018 from the previous two years — both of which were at or near record levels. But, the amount of illegal guns carrying out the murder of people predominantly on Chicago’s South and West Sides should be reason for concern.

Alas, the constant violence doesn’t seem to be that important to the people that call everyone else racist. City officials and protesters are too busy rallying against a recent cop shooting where a black man who reached for a gun was fatally shot. The Left doesn't spend enough time tackling the real issues, like getting illegal guns out of the hands of gang members and off the streets.