$15 Fail? Bernie Sanders Ups Minimum Wage Demands To $17/Hour

Brittany M. Hughes | May 5, 2023
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There are only three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the fact that the left will never run out of ways to spend other people's money.

Similarly, Bernie Sanders will never run out of ways to sound like a moron - while, of course, spending other people’s money.

In his latest proposal in the U.S. Senate, the Vermont socialist is now calling for a $17 minimum wage. And if you’re reading this and wondering, “Wait, what happened to $15?” That was so 2021.

Yep. Turns out upping the minimum wage to $15 an hour - which is what Sanders was calling for just two years ago - isn’t gonna cut it anymore. Now, 16-year-old burger flippers and car washers deserve a $35,000-plus annual salary for minimally-skilled labor.

Of course, jacking up the minimum wage to $15 from the current $7.25 proved an economic disaster too obvious even for Democrat-led Congresses in the past, so it’s unlikely that a $17-an-hour proposal will be met with much success. After all, even the most economically illiterate among us can usually understand that increasing the minimum by more than twice the current rate would send their entire business world into a kaleidoscope, as the increase in wages would cause an automatic increase in the price of good and services, not to mention that those making $15 and above would need raises to keep up their current buying power.

(When referring to the economically illiterate, we’re of course no including Sanders or his socialist counterparts in the Squad, like the mathematically-incapable AOC.)

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Nevertheless, Sanders, whose "Fight for $15" campaign was a dud, is now vowing he’ll get a $17-an-hour bill to the Senate floor soon.

"The last minimum wage bill passed by Congress was in 2008. You think it's time to raise it? I do [and] most Americans do, so we're gonna do our best to get this off to the floor as soon as we can," Sanders said this week.

"Nobody in this country can survive on $7.25. And maybe some of my colleagues in Congress might want to live for a month on seven-and-a-quarter and see what that's like," he added.

While we’re at it, we’d also like to see Congress forced to buy the same crappy health insurance forced on millions of everyday Americans, abide by common sense stock-trading rules, and not rake in millions in book deals and speaking gigs while pushing higher taxes on the middle class and suffocating us with green energy fees and out-of-control inflation.

But we can’t ask for miracles.

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