Mark Finkelstein

Mark's undergrad degree is from Cornell. He has law degrees from SUNY Buffalo and Harvard. He practiced law in NYC, Mexico City, and Paris, before doing a stint as a pro tennis manager and tournament organizer. He returned to his college town of Ithaca, NY and got involved in real estate development and politics.

In 2011, Mark moved to Pecan Plantation, TX, and in 2018, to Oak Island, NC.

Mark's a dog lover who has used his small plane to do many dog-rescue flights. He speaks Spanish and French.

On her MSNBC show, Tiffany Cross suggests that Donald Trump might have been "trafficking" nuclear s3ecrets to our enemies, with a guest suggesting that Putin would be the most obvious recipient. Cross exclaimed that such would make Trump a "traitor." The punishment for treason under federal law includes "death."

On New Day, CNN counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd says even the Top Secret clearances he had as a senior official at the FBI and CIA would not have permitted him to view the documents regarding nuclear weapons that reportedly were at Mar-a-Lago. The Washington Post, which broke the stooryof the nuke documents, reported that their source did not give them "additional details about what type of information the agents were seeking, including whether it involved weapons belonging to the United States or some other nation." And Mudd offered no evidence in support of his claim. Mudd also twice referred to Mar-a-Lago, for purposes of deriding the security measures in place there, as a "beach house.

Morning Joe finds it hilarious when MSNBC legal analyst Charles Coleman, describing the way Biden's DoJ has turned the tables on Donald Trump, quotes what he described as an old saying: "it's not fun with the rabbit has the gun." Among other gloating over Trump's travails, Mika Brzezinski and George Conway both claim that "the walls are closing in" on Trump.

On New Day, CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson says, "the issue here is that indictment -- and I will say it -- I think it's imminent as it relates to the president [Donald Trump.]"

Joe Scarborough has a shtick of claiming, with false modesty, that he's just a "simple country lawyer." He clearly wants people to think of him as a razor-sharp legal eagle. But on Morning Joe, Scarborough reveals that the "simple" lawyer moniker might be well-earned. In the context of discussing the FBI search of Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago, Scarborough suggests to a former US Attorney that the standard of proof for the federal warrant employed for the search would be higher than for a warrant issued by a state court. The former US Attorney explains to Scarborough that "the Fourth Amendment is the Fourth Amendment is the Fourth Amendment," and thus that the standard is the same in state and federal courts.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough gloats over the FBI search of Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago. At one point, Scarborough screams at the camera: "No. Man. Is above the law!" Scarborough also breaks out his shtick of repeatedly calling Trump and his followers "fascists."

CNN wasted no time this morning in elevating Joe Biden to near-godlike status for doing what Democrats do best: spending unimaginable amounts of taxpayer money, and raising taxes. In New Day’s opening hour, reacting to the Senate’s passage of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, CNN analyst Ryan Lizza declared: “For history, I think it’s a pretty big deal. You know, if you add up those seven pieces of legislation, it’s a $3.5 trillion agenda that Biden and the Democrats have passed since early last year. There’s really nothing like that in terms of that scale. You have to go back to – depending on how you define these things – to LBJ. So, I think for history, Biden – I don’t think there’s much debate anymore, he is an enormously consequential president and just judging him by his legislative agenda, you know, he’s sort of in that modern pantheon now.”

On Ali Velshi's MSNBC show, ex-RNC Chairman Michael Steele, turned a MSNBC Republican, supports Democrats meddling in Republican primaries by boosting MAGA candidates who they think will be easier to beat in the general election. Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post columnist who renounced her conservative label, opposes such meddling, saying it is "dangerous" and could result in the election of MAGA Republicans.

Senior NBC international correspondent Keir Simmons was interviewed on today's Morning Joe regarding the potential swap of Griner and Paul Whelan for a Russian arms dealer. Simmons noted the criticism the Russians have made of the way the Biden White House has conducted "megaphone" negotiating--making public its offer. Said Simmons: "This is [pauses hesitantly], sorry to say it, but I think this is an example of where inside-the-Beltway politics is good, probably smart, from the White House point of view's inside-the-Beltway politics, is not good geopolitics.

On Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski presses Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin to say that Biden should run for re-election in 2024. But after dodging the question, Slotkin eventually says that "a lot of us want to see new voices" in the presidency.