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Brian Williams’s time at MSNBC is finally coming to an end. In a few days, the disgraced former Nightly News anchor is leaving the cable network that propped him up after losing his previous job over telling multiple lies. But Williams isn’t going out quietly. The anchor on Wednesday night ranted about the most pressing problem for liberals: Joe Manchin. Williams played a fairly innocuous clip of Manchin telling a crowd: “I've never changed. I have never changed. I am the same person. I am fiscally responsible and socially compassionate.” Talking to political strategist Mark McKinnon, the very wealthy Williams sneered, “So Mark, is it safe to assume the modest, Maserati-driving, houseboat-living man from West Virginia is a 'no' on the Biden bill?” 


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Anybody can propose to their girlfriend with a message on the jumbotron at a spoting event. It's been done to death. So when a fellow named Matt wanted to ask his girlfriend Ginny to marry him, he had to come up with another idea.

So he made a fake movie trailer in which he asks Ginny's father for her hand. And what movie did he pick? -- well, the rom-com tearjerker "Fast Five" of course.

Video by Mark Berman Opposing Views

CAPE CANAVERAL -- Space shuttle Endeavour blasted to space – at last – on its final mission Monday, carrying a long-grounded $2-billion astrophysics device and a little bit of the hearts of thousands of space shuttle workers.

Endeavour's launch was watched by perhaps a half-million people crowding the Brevard County coastline, seeking a chance to witness what should be the next-to-last launch in the 30-year history of the shuttle program.


Today Google announced a new netbook offering, called Chromebook. It's being touted as a new kind of computer that offers "nothing but the web." A chromebook will look like a laptop, only it won't have any software programs or storage space.

This is one very effective way to stop people from sneaking cigarette breaks in the office bathroom. 

Comedian Kassem G interviews Californians about the recession.

A british reporter hits the streets of Las Vegas to see if Americans are stupid by questioning their right to free speech.