Alexander Reyes
MRC Latino Intern

My name is Alexander Reyes, I was born and raised in the State of Minnesota by a traditional Hispanic family. My goal is to eventually teach the many Hispanic/Latino groups the right wing views and the American Way of Life.

I am not a conservative, because believing in the rules place by our Founding Fathers endowed by our creator should not have any terminology other than the believer of basic human rights. 

With seemingly nothing to report on President Donald Trump's briefings on the Coronavirus pandemic, Univision’s morning show Despierta America reverted instead to knocking Trump for having the temerity to tweet that he saw the light at the end of the tunnel.


On March 10th, Univision’s evening newscast Biden’s unhinged response against an automotive worker during his visit to Michigan. While the vulgar language covered by the Democratic nominee was shown, the key feature in which Biden threatened to slap the worker along with calling him a “horse’s a**” was completely ignored.

Following earlier reports, Univision reported its own acquisition on its “Edicion Digital (Digital Edition)” noon newscast. Watch that rarest of moments below- in which a media outlet reports its own acquisition.

Univision, now seemingly convinced that politicians were not persuasive enough to swing the Latino vote in their favor, resorted to searching for someone in Hollywood who could. Unfortunately for them, the only person available was Ben Affleck.

When Telemundo reports on Climate Change, the statements range from laughable to terrifying. 

On a segment that aired on its website, Entravision’s Sunday political affairs show Politica Ya
submitted its entry onto the longstanding effort to make Julián Castro a thing.

Univision’s Spanish-language newscast was totally silent on both Trump’s Title X regulation on
abortion, and Leana Wen’s resignation from Planned Parenthood. 

As soon as Trump announced his re-election campaign, CNN en Español knew it had its topic for its weekly program “Choque de Opiniones”

The champion of the Democrats’ most far Left immigration policies emerged from the first debate of the 2020 presidential campaign as the virtual ‘favorite son’ of debate sponsor Telemundo.

Telemundo’s cheerleading squad kicked into high gear, with visceral expressions of support from both journalist Carmen Márquez and Latino Victory Fund Vice President Mayra Macías.