Zero Ethics: CBS Touts Obama Donor, Vacation Pal Gayle King Cozying Up to Michelle

Curtis Houck | November 21, 2022
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CBS Mornings has lacked serious journalistic ethics since its inception and predecessor CBS This Morning as, somehow, CBS has seen zero problem with co-host Gayle King, who’s had a past of not only donating to the Democratic Party, but vacationed with the Obama family. This lack of ethics was on display Monday as King gushed over her time with Michelle Obama on Friday as part of the latter’s book tour that included Obama gifting her a jacket with her initials “G.K.”

King swooned during the show’s “Talk of the Table” segment:

Well, my Talk of the Table is Michelle Obama. On Friday, I got to moderate a conversation in Philadelphia, Friday night, about her new book. It’s called The Light We Carry. The Light We Carry is the former First Lady’s second book. It talks about coping with adversity. It deals with topics like prejudice, the pandemic, and the future of our country. In Mrs. Obama’s words, the goal is to give readers a glimpse inside my personal toolkit or the strategy she uses to be more comfortable, less paralyzed inside of uncertainty.