With Youngkin Win in VA, CNN Declares America ‘Incredibly Divided’

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 3, 2021
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Hours after Decision Desk called the Virginia gubernatorial race for Republican Glenn Youngkin, CNN finally got around to admitting to the writing on the wall as the GOP swept the governorship, lieutenant governorship, attorney general, and the House of Delegates. CNN’s response? Declaring the country “incredibly divided” and suggesting Republicans couldn’t use the Youngkin model for more victories in other states.

Cutting away from Democratic New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy’s speech, CNN host Jake Tapper broke the news CNN viewers were dreading. “CNN is projecting that Republican Glenn Youngkin has been elected governor of Virginia, defeating Democrat Terry McAuliffe,” he announced.

“Youngkin pulling off a critical victory for his party in the highest-stakes election of the night. This is the first time Republicans have won an election for Virginia's top office in 12 years,” he noted before giving his grim analysis of the country.


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