Youngkin Aide Lays Out Winning GOP Strategy: Ignore CNN

Lydia Switzer | November 9, 2021
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On Tuesday, one of Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s aides went on CNN to call out failed Democratic campaign tactics and to advise candidates to ignore mainstream media and Twitter. Will Ritter, who helped create many of Youngkin’s campaign ads, spoke to New Day co-host John Berman about strategies that worked for Youngkin and could be employed by Republicans in the 2022 midterms.

Ritter’s main suggestion was to focus on more local issues, instead of Twitter outrage or talking points centered in Washington, D.C.: “The Glenn Youngkin campaign was successful because we focused on three things that were affecting people's lives on a daily basis. Schools, safety, and the cost of living. We specifically avoided national issues, D.C., Twitterverse issues, and talked to people about issues that they cared about.”

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