You Mean There Were More?! Behold, the Worst Overnight MSNBC Hissy Fits

Curtis Houck | November 3, 2021
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Just when you think we had covered all of the MSNBC meltdowns from Tuesday night over the results of the Virginia gubernatorial election and down ballot races, there were plenty more to cover from both late Tuesday and early Wednesday that, as we saw in the previous coverage, ranged from despondence to hysteria to denial of basic reality.

Co-hosts Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, and Brian Williams had departed for the night and gave way to weekend morning pundit Ali Velshi and 11th Hour host Lyin’ Brian Williams, but the takes remained plentiful as MSNBCers lashed out at Republicans as a band of Q-Anon supporters that teamed with “soccer dad” Glenn Youngkin to win based on a “racist” campaign of “whiteness.”

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