Yahoo! Reporter Claims McEnany Briefings Had 'Deadly Ends' for Press


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Originally introduced on CNN’s so-called “Reliable Sources” as a reporter who would hold White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s “feet to the political fire,” Yahoo! News White House correspondent Brittany Shepherd ended up giving her a rhetorical foot massage instead. Especially after she falsely claimed that former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s press briefings had “incited” “deadly ends” for some reporters.

“Coming up, two views from the White House Press Briefing room. Hear from Press Secretary Jen Psaki and one of the reporters holding her feet to the political fire,” host Brian Stelter, CNN’s media janitor touted before the Sunday segment.

Following yet another segment claiming Fox News didn’t live in reality and was peddling misinformation, Shepherd appeared and equated McEnany to an abusive “ex-boyfriend” and Psaki was the “refreshing” new relationship.


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