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Woodward Swears: I’m Not a ‘Partisan,’ Touts ‘Ultra-Centrist’ Views


[See NewsBusters for more.] Despite a long history of going after conservative and Republican presidents, Bob Woodward wants you to know that there’s nothing “partisan” about his new book on the Trump administration, neutrally titled:  Fear: Trump in the White House. Talking to Stephen Colbert on Monday’s Late Show, he sure sounded like part of the resistance: “We better wake up to what's really going on and people need to examine it, not just Republicans and Democrats.”  Under the cloak of journalistic arbiter, Woodward insisted: “But this is not partisan. I actually got accused once of being an ultra-centrist. Can you imagine that?” The journalist didn’t explain who used this description. In addition to Fear (about Trump), the author wrote State of Denial about George W. Bush. 

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