WOMP, WOMP! CNN’s Fake News Jim, Panel Melt Down Over Judge Ripping Willis

Curtis Houck | March 15, 2024
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While the first hour of CNN’s Friday morning coverage on Fulton County, Georgia Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling allowing District Attorney Fani Willis to remain on the 2020 election case against Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants was fairly restrained, the same couldn’t be said about the second hour as Fake News Jim Acosta arrived for his hour of CNN Newsroom.

Between Acosta and his not-so-merry band of fellow leftist analysts and journalists, CNN viewers were treated to a meltdown about how Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s romantic relationship was proof of Donald Trump “sow[ing] distrust in the criminal justice system” and “played the system like a fiddle” and that even discussion of their affair was “sickening.”