Wishful Thinking: Berman, Brinkley Compare Current 'Constitutional Crisis' to Watergate

Ryan Foley | May 10, 2019
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On New Day Thursday, co-host John Berman asked CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley to compare the current "Constitutional crisis" to Watergate.  Berman complained that "one of the things missing so far is Howard Baker," a "prominent Republican...saying enough." Brinkley agreed: "you need a real ardent conservative...somebody who is fiercely loyal to Donald Trump break the way that Barry Goldwater broke during the Nixon years." The conversation concluded with Berman asking Brinkley his thoughts on the prospect of impeachment. Brinkley argued that an argument for impeachment existed and expressed hope that "by filming impeachment, new things might be...revealed in the way they were in Watergate."

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