Williams on Riots, Pandemic: 'The Russians Must be Having a Good Old Time'

Alex Christy | May 30, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] If there was such a thing as MSNBC's Law it would state that all things are to the benefit of Russia and President Trump is at least somewhat responsible. The 11th Hour host Brian Williams and former FBI Assistant Director and current MSNBC analyst Frank Figliuzzi illustrated this on Friday night when they theorized that Russia is benefiting from both riots across the country, the COVID pandemic, and Trump's response to them.

Williams told Figliuzzi that, "I can't tell you how many people have been in touch with me today and tonight and last night to say some form of the following, which we would have laughed at five years ago. The Russians must be having a good old time looking at television images of the United States. Death toll of 100,000. A pandemic not at all under control. And now city streets aflame in more cities tonight than we can list."

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