Whoopi, Swalwell Agree Biden Docs Not Classified, Just Cooking 'Recipes'

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 18, 2023
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On Wednesday’s edition of The View, the cackling coven teamed up with compromised Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell of California to suggest President Biden’s classified document scandal wasn’t really a big deal and nothing illegal happened. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg even got agreement from Swalwell after she falsely claimed the documents might not have been classified at all, despite the White House admitting they were, and saying the documents were just cooking or baking “recipes.”

The gaslighting began with Swalwell downplaying Biden’s mishandling of classified documents by suggesting the President had good intentions. “This case will hinge on his knowledge and intent. It looks like once he was aware of this, he did what I hope everyone would do which was get the documents back to the government, cooperate in every meaningful way,” he said.

He then pushed a long-debunked lie that former President Trump kept classified documents at Mar-a-Lago with the intent to sell them to America’s enemies.


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