Whoopi Slams Trump's Complaints About Media Bias; Obama Had It Worse!


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<p><span id="docs-internal-guid-c78e6ca6-1c5b-1c98-eed4-d3d9fbbd7078">The liberal ladies at ABC&rsquo;s&nbsp;</span><em>The View</em>&nbsp;Thursday took&nbsp;<span id="docs-internal-guid-c78e6ca6-1c5e-d7af-a015-38cbf1589079">took umbrage at President Trump&rsquo;s comments&nbsp;at a recent Coast Guard commencement ceremony,&nbsp;</span>where he said he had been treated &ldquo;worse and more unfairly&rdquo; by the media than any politician before him. Instead of bringing up other presidents who could compete for that title as &ldquo;most disliked by the media,&rdquo; host Whoopi Goldberg nominated Barack Obama for the unlikely recognition.</p>

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