White Libs: We're Hip To Black People, Unlike Those Tea Party Bastards!

radioeq | November 5, 2013
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STEPHANIE MILLER (05 November 2013): When we look back in history not only will he be seen at a great President we will have had 20 more black presidents and they will all be progressively blacker until every Tea Party head in the country explodes and I was hoping for a President Fiddy {Rapper 50 Cent reference} is all I’m saying, right WHUT! I hope future  State of the Unions start with SUUUP America! Ladies and Gentlemen the President of the United States Ludacris. Yeaaah! {Ludacris rap plays” We want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed} Yeaaah here comes the First Lady. She’s the First Lady in the bed. WHUUT? WHUUT? And then the gansta mic drop at the end of every state of the Union. I just said objects in the mirror may seem blacker than they appear. In history President Obama will seem less black and scary to many of the, the Tea Party will be extinct then.

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