What A Report On South Korea's Dog-Eating Ban Teaches Us About PBS

MRC Latino | January 12, 2024
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AMNA NAWAZ: A new South Korean law will ban the centuries-old practice of raising and selling dogs for food. Parliament voted today to ban the production and sale of dog meat. Animal-rights groups pushed for the change, but reactions among the general public were mixed. 

LEE SOO-JIN: I am raising my children and a dog together. The dog is my third child. I'm so glad the bill was passed today. Consuming dog meat should never happen again in the future. 

KIM BONG OK: I don't eat dog meat, but it's been consumed for a long time in our country. It's a unique part of our culture. It’s not like everyone’s consuming it. It’s just a matter of preference.

NAWAZ: The law is set to take effect after a three-year grace period.