‘What Did He Do Wrong?!’ Cuomo RAGES at GOPers Wanting Milley’s Ouster

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 15, 2021
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CNN boss Jeff Zucker must have had a pretty serious sit down with Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo after he bucked the network and gave air time Tuesday night to calls for General Mark Milley to resign. Because on Wednesday, Fredo did a 180 flip and was roid-raging against anyone in the Republican Party that was calling for Milley out for committing treason by promising China to warn them of an attack. Ignoring that fact, he demanded to know “what did he do wrong?

On Tuesday, he brought on anti-Trumper Alexander Vindman to talk about how terrible Milley’s actions were and highlighted a tweet from the retired Army Lieutenant Colonel calling for the General to resign. But a mere 19 seconds into his Wednesday show, Cuomo was warning his dwindling viewers to “beware the people calling for Milley's head.

Fredo accused them of “distracting from the real headline from this book. Confirmation for how out of control President Trump was. That many knew perhaps including those calling for Milley's head. They knew what was going on with Trump.”


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