WHAT?! CNN Says Going Outside for Fresh Air Is a ‘Dangerous’ ‘Betrayal’ to Hospital Workers

Curtis Houck | May 4, 2020
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters.

Though it may sound hyperbolic, some in the liberal media seem to bet on baring Americans from leaving their homes for even walks (for reasons other than for emergencies). Sunday’s CNN Tonight providing a textbook example as Don Lemon and a guest called those daring to venture out a “dangerous,” “destructive,” and deadly “betrayal” of frontline medical workers in this pandemic.

Meanwhile, Jim Acosta wannabe Jeremy Diamond trashed the President for offering optimism, “refus[ing] to accept any responsibility for any of the number of failings of the administration's response to the coronavirus crisis,” and supposedly showing little to no concern for dead Americans.

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