What About Times Square?! CNN Goes Ballistic on SCOTUS Gun Ruling

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 23, 2022
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The biggest benefit of the U.S. Supreme Court striking down New York State’s arduous restrictions on the concealed carrying of firearms is that the right to do so would not be restricted to just the rich, famous, well-connected, or those who once wore the badge, but would be a right enjoyed by any law-abiding New York citizen. But on CNN Newsroom immediately after the news broke on Thursday, they decried the right to conceal carry outside the home being considered a “first-class right” along with free speech. And one of their most voiced concerns was people carrying in Times Square.

“And we're still reading through the opinion now, but the conservative majority here, guys, is really going back to this idea that Second Amendment has really become a second-class right,” Jessica Schneider noted in her hastily cobbled together report. “This is something that we've heard Justice Thomas say in opinions, we've heard him say it this public, Justice Alito as well, saying that they believe that the Second Amendment has become a second-class right.”

Hinting that this ruling would lead to more mass shootings, Schneider dropped the first mention of Times Square:

And then, of course, this is a nation right now grappling with gun violence, several mass shootings in the last few months. And the concern from the attorney general in New York at oral arguments here was that this law applied to the whole of New York State, including not only the rural parts of New York State but also New York City. And the concern that if this law is struck down, which it today, that people would have an easier time carrying concealed handguns in very populated places like Times Square.

Of course, the city dwellers at CNN couldn’t care less about the rights of those in rural upstate New York or even those who live in the crime-infested portions of the city.


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