Weird! Brian Williams Frets He's 'Never Had a Balloon Drop for Anything' for Him

Curtis Houck | July 29, 2016
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Upon returning from commercial break, breaking news anchor Brian Williams seemed to be living a world all his own (which he’s probably familiar with) as he exclaimed: “Wow. Just the science of balloon drops has changed over the years. Look, if you're into these, you're into these. It’s a beautiful sight. You don't get to do that often as an adult.”

With co-host Rachel Maddow and political analyst Nicolle Wallace laughing in confusion, Williams ruled that he’s “never had a balloon drop for anything and they're pretty spectacular” to which Maddow joked that one will be held “[n]ext Tuesday 3:00 a.m. at Brian's house.”

Tossing to the Road Warriors correspondents, Williams again went off course joking that those who don’t know them may confuse them with raging drunks:

Because we're close to Hoboken you can almost hear Francis Albert singing, it's a quarter to 3:00 and there's no one in the place but you and me. That's what our road warriors look like. If we didn’t know them, each of them, individually, so well, you would just assume they're all hammered. They're not, they're so tired.

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