WE TOLD YOU SO: Immigration Reconciliation Is Here


CLAUDIA UCEDA: In a Univision exclusive, he (Sen. Schumer) confirmed that he is considering the inclusion of young DREAMers, immigrants with TPS and farmworkers in the reconciliation process for (passage) of President Biden´s infrastructure plan.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: It's something that we are very seriously looking at it . As I said, I want to get the biggest, broadest bill passed possible that we can pass. And no method is off the table. None.

UCEDA: The House has already passed laws granting citizenship to this group of immigrants. Senator Schumer said that in the coming weeks, he´ll know whether there is enough support for bipartisan efforts to legalize undocumented immigrants. If there isn´t, he´ll choose what he calls a “second option”.

SEN. SCHUMER: There are two different routes: one is bi-partisan, we are hoping that a group is meeting, we´re hoping they can come together. But if not, we´ll be working on the American Job Bill where reconciliation would be part of it.


JULIO VAQUEIRO: Latino legislators – members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus – met today with President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and discussed, among other issues, immigration reform. When the meeting ended, the group emerged optimistic. They say that President Biden told them that if they don´t get a single Republican vote, and if he finds a way to do so legally, he will pass immigration reform as was done with the stimulus bill – via a process known as (budget) reconciliation.

ADRIANO ESPAILLAT (D-NY): We have to go to that process if the Republican remain, as they´ve been so far, intransigent.

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