'We Fall for It!' Sunny Laments Latinos Tricked By GOP 'Fear Tactics'

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 16, 2022
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Peddling her usual race-traitor bigotry against Latinos who don’t vote for Democrats, The View co-host Sunny Hostin (a staunch racist) commiserated on Wednesday with actor and political activist John Leguizamo about how their fellow Latinos were tricked into voting Republican because of “fear tactics” and “trigger words” like “communism” and “socialism.”

Before getting to Leguizamo’s acting projects, the cast wanted to fawn for his liberal political activism and hear his take on former President Trump announcing his 2024 bid:

It’s kind of exciting and terrible all at once because if he’s the nominee for the Republicans, it’s going to undo them because he loses suburban women, he loses the moderates, the moderate Republicans, independents, but then the fight between him and DeSantis could be UFC!

“Oh my God, that would be a blast. But then if he wins, he’s going to know how to destroy America. He’ll destroy the country,” he proclaimed.