Watch Rick Perry Burn MSNBC Reporter Over Planned Parenthood

danjoseph | July 16, 2015
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In the wake of the discovery that a Planned Parenthood official was caught on video discussing selling organs from aborted fetuses, MSNBC reporter Mark Halpern decided to grill Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) on a point completely irrelevent to the scandal on Thursday's edition of "Morning Joe." Instead of focusing on the video, Halpern decided to ask Perry whether he believes that Planned Parenthood serves any positive role when it comes to women's health.

Perry wasn't having any of it. Watch as the former Texas governor turns things around on Halpern and makes him answer his own question.


Mark Halpern: "Governor, I would like to ask you a couple questions about Planned Parenthood. There's a controversy that you have weighed in on. First, I would like you to say, does Planned Parenthood provide any services you think are valuable? If so, what are they? Second, why are you so troubled by this video?"

Perry: "Well, Planned Parenthood does give some services that I would suggest to you are good for women's health."

Halpern: "Which ones, governor? I'm sorry, just to be specific on that."

Perry: "I think some of the cancer screening, some of those types of screenings are obviously good for women's health. When you look at the overall picture of what they do, they're in a business that the people of Texas have a real concern about. And Mark, let me ask you. You looked at that video and you're good with it?"

Halpern: "I think the video raises a lot of questions, and you and others have raised them."

Perry:  "It does, indeed. I think you just answered the question for us. Thank you."