Watch James Rosen Grill Josh Earnest on Endorsements, Sanders Comments, Hillary’s E-Mails


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<p>Fox News reporters and a select number of others have been known to grill White House Press Secretaries in the Obama years and Thursday saw another installment as the Fox News Channel&rsquo;s chief Washington correspondent James Rosen hammered current Press Secretary Josh Earnest on subjects ranging from President Obama&rsquo;s Hillary Clinton endorsement to her e-mail scandal.</p>

<p>While other reporters were lobbing softballs about the President&rsquo;s eagerness to get back on the campaign trail, Rosen began his time by wondering if the President still had<strong> &ldquo;confidence in Debbie Wasserman Schultz to maintain her position through the end of this cycle.&rdquo;</strong> [NOTE: The video below was pulled from MSNBC since FNC only showed one small excerpt]</p>

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