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Voice of Reason Cuomo Calls Out ‘Petty and Small’ Lemon for Saying Don’t Shake Trump’s Hand


[See NewsBusters for more.] Chris Cuomo is the voice of reason on CNN? It’s true. Or at least it was true on Wednesday night as Cuomo called out colleague Don Lemon for being “petty and small.” This rather shocking exchange came after Lemon declared he wouldn’t shake Trump’s hands, were he in the same position as the Obamas during Wednesday’s funeral of George H.W. Bush. During the switch over From Cuomo Prime Time to Don Lemon Tonight, Lemon blurted, “I’m just being honest.... I don't think I would shake hands with him.” Then, in a weird moment that must be seen, Lemon brought on a production assistant to visually demonstrate what one president snubbing another looks like. Cuomo responded by mocking, “You're petty and small.”

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