The View's 'Conservative' Eager for '24 Dem Nominee 'WE' Can Push

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 14, 2022
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Former Trump White House official turned self-serving sellout, Alyssa Farah Griffin once again joined ABC’s The View on Tuesday to commiserate about the January 6 Committee hearings and bash the party she claims to still be a part of. And at the start of a conversation about potential 2024 nominees for both sides, Griffin slipped and seemingly announced she was interested in pushing a Democratic candidate. And co-host Sunny Hostin announced her primary requirement for a candidate is that they’re hot.

With co-host Whoopi Goldberg kicking off the segment fretting that former President Trump would run again in 2024, Griffin noted that inflation, gas prices, the tumbling stock market, and his advanced age were bad news for President Biden. She soon pivoted to asking about who the Democrats would put up and flashed her interest in pushing them as her candidate.

“I’m curious. Like who are the Dems going to run? Where is like the Obama energy that we could bring,” she asked the liberal cast. She caught what she said and quickly tried to walk it back, adding, “That you guys could bring.”

Goldberg responded by suggesting we don’t “need Obama energy” but rather someone who can get the country “in line.”


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