The View’s Ana Navarro DEMANDS TO KNOW ‘What The Hell Is Happening’ At Univision

MRC Latino | November 20, 2023
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WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Why is Univision going through this, and what is- what's happening here, Ana? I'm going to ask you. 

SARA HAINES: What the hell is going on there? 

NAVARRO: I’ve gotten so many calls in the last 10 days, saying: ¿Qué carajo está pasando en Univision? What the hell is happening in Univision? Because, look. Univision, as you said, is the giant in Spanish news and in Spanish news, there's a ton of misinformation in our community newspapers and our radio stations. This is the place where Latinos- Spanish-speaking Latinos go to get informed, to form educated opinions. To get engaged. To help get people out to vote- they’ve been really great corporate citizens and community citizens. They have a tremendous co-anchor named Jorge Ramos, who's been there for decades, and they’ve got great credibility. I've seen many a strongman, many a corrupt person, leader, squirm under the questioning of Jorge Ramos, but they didn't have Jorge Ramos do this interview. They had a guy named Enrique Acevedo who is supposedly a good journalist, I don’t know him, but he sat there like he was interviewing a panda. And, you know, somebody described the interview, a Politico writer as so soft it could have been pillow stuffing and all the things you've mentioned happened. And so it's led to all of this speculation, and then we learned that Jared Kushner is somehow involved, greasing the wheels with Televisa, the Mexican side that has bought part of it. This is what I would say to televis- to Univision viewers. Use your voice. Use your remote controls. Use your purchasing power with advertisers. If you've got questions, let them know. If you are disappointed and troubled, let them know because Univision has held people accountable. It is time for us Latinos to hold Univision accountable. [ Applause ]