The View Wants Americans to Live With ‘Less’ Like Prison ‘Monks’

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 24, 2023
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The miserable millionaires of ABC’s The View spent part of their Friday show lecturing average Americans about how “greedy” they were and how they live lives of “excess.” According to the cast, Americans needed to “get rid of possessions” and pay more in taxes so they could live happy lives like the people in Finland or like meditating monks who have been to prison.

“Is happiness something that can be learned, do you think? And why are the Fins so freak’n happy?” co-host Joy Behar wondered after reading from a study, which found that Finland was supposedly the happiest country on Earth. Both Behar and Sunny Hostin agreed that “no one is happy here” in America.

Hostin chalked it up to Finland’s socialist policies and how well they treat immigrants, which meant they could lounge around all day.


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