The View: Subway Passengers Should’ve Just Given Their Money to Neely

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 9, 2023
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The fires of impotent indignation were ablaze on Tuesday’s edition of The View. ABC’s staunchly racist co-host, Sunny Hostin scolded the passengers of a New York City subway for not just forking over their money to Jordan Neely, the mentally unstable felon who was allegedly threatening and victimizing them. Marine veteran Daniel Penny and two other men had to step in and subdue Neely, which ultimately led to his death.

After most of the cast had spoken, Hostin self-righteously announced her “different take on it.” She demanded that they shouldn’t reveal Neely’s long criminal history because that would be “re-victimizing this victim.”

She then bloviated about how the system failed him but didn’t fail the passengers on the train by letting out a man who punched an elderly woman in the face, breaking her nose and causing other injuries.


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