The View Smears Pro-Lifers: They Hate Mothers and the Poor!

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 4, 2022
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It’s day two of the leaked Supreme Court draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade news cycle and ABC’s The View still didn’t have a pro-life woman on the show (not a surprise, since their vileness has chased away true conservative women). But co-host Sara Haines proved herself to be a bad-faith actor on Wednesday as she smeared pro-lifers as heartless ghouls who don’t care about mothers and want to eliminate “low-income health care.”

She teased her contempt for pro-lifers on Tuesday when responding to a video tweet I posted asking if her comment about the possible ruling costing “more lives” was a tacit admission that abortions killed babies. “Nope, but for those who claim to be pro life [sic], it may reveal which lives matter more,” she wrote.

Haines seemed to reference that exchange on Wednesday as she lashed out at pro-lifers and lied about liberal policies on abortion.


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