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'View' Panel Romanticizes 'Impressive' Mayor Pete, Trashes President Trump


It looks like the ladies of The View have fallen in love with openly gay South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has formed an exploratory committee to run for President as a Democrat in 2020. Co-host Joy Behar opened the segment by touting a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll highlighting that "a majority of Americans problem with a gay candidate." Behar then asked a follow-up question: "are they ready for a gay President?"  Co-host Ana Navarro didn't exactly answer Behar's question but took the opportunity to go on a rant against President Trump: "I'm ready for a qualified President...I'm ready for a President who tells the truth, I am ready for a President who does not divide the country. I am ready for a President who can speak in coherent sentences that include a verb and a noun."  After Behar took a veiled swipe at President Trump by describing Buttigieg as a veteran with "no bone spurs," co-host Sunny Hostin described Buttigieg as "impressive" and talked about how she loved that he "spoke about his faith" on the show, referring to an appearance he made on the show last month where he trashed the religious right. and Vice President Pence. 

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