The View: Drag Shows Are Fine for Kids, No One Killed By Them Like Guns

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 1, 2022
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In something of a double-down to a segment from last week, co-host Ana Navarro spent part of Monday’s The View making the totally rational argument (sarcasm) that sexually explicit drag shows weren’t that bad for kids because kids aren’t killed by them like they are by guns. She also claimed red states were like Cuba and North Korea in that they’re supposedly barring their citizens from leaving their borders.

Last Friday, Navarro was up in arms decrying Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for suing a venue that hosts sexually explicit drag shows and allows children to attend (and bragged about her bridal shower being there).

“And what we're seeing in Florida, I can't even comprehend. This is a state where we have a housing crisis. This is a state where we have an insurance crisis. This is a state where we have a climate crisis. And instead, Ron DeSantis is focusing on drag queens,” she shrieked on Monday.


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